Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sascha Illyvich

RATING:5 stars

His Reign is a story of how the love of two women can change everything
Jozsi leaves his pack and vows to himself never to return again. His pack
sister pleas for him to return to save the pack.But that means returning to
the one woman who holds his heart.

Ilona changes her name to Meredith to show Jozsi how much she loves him and
to honor his trip to America.

When everything turns to chaos within the pack Ilona and Lukina know that
Jozsi is the only one that can face the mad leader,Kiba.Jozsi really wants
nothing more than to stay in America. But how can he turn his back on the
pack? The two women make it their mission to teach him about love again, and
that is not an easy task, but one they are happy to accomplish!

Sascha has written an amazing action packed sexy story. I wanted to be Ilona
I felt their need to be together as lovers to be the thread that ties this
story together! I recommend this story to readers because they will be
missing out if they do not read this book!


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